Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reel

Heavy-duty and UV stable fire hose reels play a crucial role in the fire/safety and mining industry. Poor quality hose reels can lead to premature ruptures, abrasion and kinking. Moreover, the hose runs the risk of getting caught in the machinery or mechanical parts.

Large Range of Heavy-Duty Fire and Mining Hose Reels in Australia

FSP Australia is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of an array of high-quality polyethylene and polyurethane products including heavy-duty hose reels. Apart from manufacturing and distribution, we also design a wide range of products for a variety of industries.

Using advanced engineering, we manufacture hose reels that are built to last. Our fire hose reels come with premium quality and high-strength frame that makes them ideal for use in rough environments. Moreover, our hose reels ensure high flow rates and carry larger capacity making it perfect for mining, factory and fire & safety industries.

Superior Quality Fire Hose Reels for Enhanced Performance

The ultimate equipment for those working the fire and safety industry, we design our fire hose reels to deliver top results and efficient performance even under extreme conditions. We have hose reels still in use made 20 years ago.

We design and produce fire hose reels that are not only durable and dependable but can also prove efficient in extreme situations. In addition to this, our reels are easy to operate which can make a huge difference in helping the firefighters to ensure minimum casualties and damage to property.

Our uniquely designed hose reels can be quickly deployed and deliver high performance even in tight space. Every application is different and so at FSP Australia, we custom build our hose reels to fit the specifications of an individual.

Versatile and Custom-Made Mining Hose Reel in Australia

Our range of mining hose reels come with an advanced component design that makes it a perfect fit for potentially hazardous industries such as mining.

Whether your company is mining underground, underwater or above the ground, you can count on us for advanced and reliable equipment. Known for its superior durability and dependability, our heavy-duty and UV stable mining hose reels are custom-built to accommodate industry-specific requirements. With ribbed discs and dual bearing, our hose reels can easily absorb the shock and extreme conditions during the most demanding mining operation.

Perfectly suitable for harsh mining environments, we construct the hose reels in such a way that it keeps the cables out of harm’s way and within quick reach. Our heavy-duty components and construction ensure the reels last for years, saving you a huge amount of money.

We construct every reel as per the customer specifications, guaranteeing an ultimate fit and exceptional performance in mining operations.

If you are looking for fire and mining hose reels in Australia, feel free to give us a call today on 1300 753 093 or send us an email at sales@fpsaustralia.com.au