Safety Crowd Control Barriers

Temporary fencing for crowd control

Useful for Covid-19,  Corona Virus social distancing barriers for crowds, check points and events.

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The Safety Barrier is a unique product in many ways.

  • HDEP Construction

    high-density polyethylene, allows for long life and comes with a 15-year Guarantee.

  • Fade Resistant

    Often used for crowd control the UV protection of the polyethylene plastic means the colour won’t fade,and allows for long lasting "bright" appearance.

2000 x 1200 x 90mm
Weight: 18kg


Safety Barrier Crowd Control Fence and truck

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Ideal Applications

Safety barricades provide a myriad of benefits:

  • An effective construction safety panels to prevent pedestrians from entering dangerous zones at construction or mining sites
  • Mitigate risks in challenging events.
  • Serve as an intrinsic safe barrier to physically separate a specific zone.
  • Restrict penetration in an unauthorized area
  • Contain areas for covid-19 - conaavirus social distancing
  • Redirect out-of-control crowd or vehicle towards the right track.
  • Provide a durable fencing to protect entry into any prohibited zone.

Construction site Barriers


“We use them every day on our construction site”

Foreman Greg Stoneman said

“ They are easier to pack up being so light weight”

The Safety Barrier or some call Barricades or even Safety Fence is only 18Kg each in weight and can be stacked onto a forklift pallet with ease.

Safety Barricades

An Ideal Solution For Temporary Fencing

Events or Location for use:

  • Concert
  • Parade
  • Mining Sites
  • Sports event
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Security restraints
  • Regulatory drills
  • Construction Zones
  • Airports
  • Traffic control
  • Zoos
  • Stadiums and Sports grounds
  • Factory floors

FSP Safety barricades offer an innovative, temporary yet portable solution for all these events and locations. The addition of reflective sign or decals can also be added to promote your brand or warn of a specific danger.

Engineered with rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these safety barriers are a lightweight and durable solution for temporary fencing requirements in pedestrian areas, asphalt road projects and construction sites.

Easy to set up and easier to store

The innovative crowd barricades are your perfect solution to install in zoos, stadiums, and festivals.

Temporary Fencing - Crowd Control Barriers
Temporary Fencing - Crowd Barricade barrier

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Constructed of high-density polyethylene, UV stable, resists corrosive elements,
lightweight - total weight of (18kg).

Easy Handling

Allows handling by one person, the barrier may be joined into a variety of
configurations, locks together via a locking loop on each end

Swivel Feet

Supplied with plastic swivel feet which can be adjusted in line for easy stacking.


Units may be stacked onto a pallet for transportation or against a wall for storage.

Temporary Fencing Barrier Join - Crowd Control Barriers System

Interlocking Fence

Our portable safety barriers are easy to install with the unique interlocking mechanism. Two safety barriers can interlock by a joining loop connected on either end to the respective barricade.

For removal, you simply need to detach the connected loop. Their unique design and effective interlocking mechanism allow them to install in various configurations.

Interlocking Barriers

Added stability and easy to use interlock system.

Crowd Control Barriers System
Safety Barrier Fence stack-able

Stackable Saftey Fences

Fitting onto a forklift pallet with ease the Safety Barrier or some call Barricades or even Safety Fence is 18Kg in weight and simple to transport to your next big event.

Secure to the Ground

For events on the ground or grass, you may need extra stability in bad weather or on rough uneven surfaces. We have thought about that too and added peg holes in the swivel feet to solve the problem. Securing the fence in high wind location can also be solved by using tent pegs hammered into our swivel feet.

We also can source the peg for you for large orders.

Solar safety lights are also available.


Crowd Control Barriers System - Temp fencing

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